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Infrastructure :

(i)    2 Ton and 1 Ton induction furnaces
(ii)    Continuous sand mixture 20 Ton/Hour with reclamation plant imported from UK
(iii)    Heat treatment furnaces with capacity of 3T, 5T, 15T
(iv)    Total fettling set-up with shot-blasting machined 500 Kgs & 1Ton
(v)    Spectrometer with 32 element  facility imported from Germany

Destructive and non-destructive testing facility

400 KN universal testing machine (analog & digital) with extenso meter
300 Joules charpy impact machine
3000 Kgs brinnel hardness tester
Dynamic hardness tester
Magnetic particle inspection-2000 Amps
Florescent and Non florescent
Liquid penetrant inspection
Ultrasonic testing inspection
In-house radiography testing facility [ Iridium-192 source]

Power Backup:

380 Kva, 750 Kva capacities

Specifications :

ASTM, ASME, IS, EN, DIN, BS, ISO  and all other Indian as well as international standards as per customer requirements

Rating :

Valve body castings from 150 PSI  to high pressures upto 3500 psi
Sizes : from  2” to 48”

•    Qualified welder’s approved by third party for specifications
•    ASTM A 216 Gr.WCB/ 1.0619, ASTM A 217 Gr.WC6 / 1.7357, ASTM A 217 Gr.WC9 / 1.7379,
•    ASTM A 351 Gr.CF8M/ 1.4408, ASTM A 890 Gr.5A / 1.4469, ASTM A 352 Gr.LCC / 1.6220, ASTM A 743 Gr.CA6NM, ASTM A 217 Gr.C12A

Welding procedure specification by tuv nord
Welding procedure qualification record by tuv nord